All orders are shipped within 3-5 business via usps unless otherwise noted. Deliveries should be shipped to secure locations, as we will not replace stolen packages. 

Our products are handmade with natural and organic ingredients. When fragrance is used, it will be noted on the product. 

Yes all products can be purchased wholesale. Send all inquiries to chyna@knaturallyyyou.com

Yes,  you are able to get a refund on products up to 14 days after purchase. Read more about our Return Policy Here

Skin is like a fingerprint, no skin is the same. Research the herbs and oils used and determine what will work best for you. Our owner is not an esthetician  or doctor and can not give you medical advice or diagnoses. 

No. A consultation is required for any starter loc service. 

Schedule a consultation to talk through the process, and maintenance to determine if this is the right choice for you. 

Your hair should be attest 3 inches to get a good foundation for starter locs. If you are wanting to start sisterlocks, you should have 4-5  inches of hair. Remember, any starter loc service will require a consultation. 

Sisterlocks is a trademark product taught in an approved training class by Master Trainers or Certified Training Associates that have been handpicked by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. Certified Sisterlocks Consultants and Trainees offer the Sisterlocks as a package and maintain their certification to stay in good standing with Sisterlocks in order to be listed on the Sisterlocks.com website.  Unfortunately, it is possible to find individuals both trained and untrained that will take a client’s money and not deliver the service the client wants.  This is why you must do the research, ask the questions, see pictures and speak with their clients in an effort to find the Consultant that will meets your expectations.

The initial install can range from 16-18 hours, sometimes longer depending upon the length and density of the hair. Installations are broken up into 2 – 3 day increments. Your installation is the 1st and only time you will sit that long for Sisterlocks services because unlike extensions, the hair does not have to be taken down – only the new growth is retighten and that usually takes anywhere from 3-5 hours each 4 – 6 weeks.

Sisterlocks are offered as a 3-part package; Consultation, Installation and Follow-up visits.  The cost begins at $850 for up to 4 inches of natural unprocessed hair and $75 per inch thereafter. The cost of the informational consultation is $75. To reserve your installation dates, 25% of the total price is required as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the total price of the packaged price which is paid at the end of the first day of the installation.

There are several different ways to start traditional locs and this will be discussed during the consultation. Almost every hair type can be locD. If you are interested in sisterlocks, as long as your hair has a curl or wave pattern it can be locked.




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